Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris

Kaminn Media is proud to publish three books by artist Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris.

A Generous Spirit:
Exploring New Directions for the Arts

Discover how art can heal, inspire, and bring solace
and more meaning to your life

As a trained calligrapher, artist and designer, Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris started out building her career on the ‘art as a product’ route. Gradually, she came to realize that art is not just products or a vocation, but that it is also intimately connected with healing, transformation and community-building. The process of deep and far-reaching change in herself was influenced by artists she was inspired by.

Art, like friendship, has an intrinsic worth without having to be a means to an end like fame or money. Viewing art as a link to the natural, wild and sacred realms, Sarah’s work shifted to seeing art in relationship to others, the world, and generosity. Sarah contends that it isn’t the task of the artist to fit into the market ideology, but rather to bring artistic values, beauty, soaring imagination and fearless skill into that arena.

This beautifully illustrated book maps how the arts are a powerful force and how artists are stepping outside the boundaries of the studio, untethered by the emphasis on money, to re-awaken their original function as the intermediary between sacred realms and the newly emerging everyday world. Art is once again fulfilling its visionary role in creation and renewal, offering fresh images to light up our imagination and alternatives to how to live on our planet. Art can transform you: it can awaken your generous spirit.

Browse an excerpt here:

paperback, 186 pages, fully illustrated
isbn 978-1-912698-98-1 (paperback)
isbn 978-1-912698-999-8 (ebook)

100 Ideas for a Creative Approach to Activities in Dementia Care

• Practical creative tools to start using now
• Abundantly illustrated directions for activities
• Overflowing with easy to apply creative ideas

This book is for those working in
    – residential care
    – day care
    – at home
who seek creative solutions to improving the wellbeing of people living with dementia. It is suitable for those with limited experience, including family members, because the suggestions are practical and focus on what can be achieved; and for more experienced practitioners by offering opportunities to communicate more imaginatively and effectively. Each of these ideas has been successfully applied across a full range of dementia care situations.

“At last a book for those hungry for creative activity ideas for people living with dementia and particularly those with advanced dementia! It is practical, inspiring and has a good mix of simple everyday things to do as well as more structured arts-based activities.”
—Sylvie Silver and Sally Knocker,
National Association of Providers of Activities for Older People

Browse a few sample pages here:

paperback, 190 pages, fully illustrated
isbn 978-1-912698-96-7 (paperback)
isbn 978-1-912698-97-4 (ebook)

Pigments of Imagination:
The Amazing Journey of the Pencil Seeds

A journey without words

What happens if you take some broken off pencil points and plant them in the earth?

Do you think they might actually sprout?

Would you encounter magical transformations, fields of mystical flowers and night journeys of mysterious crystalline pods?

How about following them to the Himalayas and see them explode into a shower of hues.

What happens next is so amazing that you just have to see it for yourself.

Please embark on a wonderful, magical journey at the end of which you might just wonder if it really was only imagination…

paperback, 42, pages, 37 colour illustrations
isbn 978-1-912698-94-3 (hardcover)
isbn 978-1-912698-95-0 (ebook)

About Sarah

Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1949. Her family moved to the U.S. when she was a child, where she started studying with  Abe Weiner, a well known American painter, when she was 10 years old.

She received a degree in fine arts/illustration at Syracuse University New York, and a BFA Graphic design/ Calligraphy at Carnegie-Mellon University PA, where she studied with master calligrapher Arnold Bank and became his assistant.

She taught calligraphy, art and design at CMU and the Ivy School of Professional Art & Crafts, lectured, exhibited, did commissions and appeared in numerous articles in various calligraphy journals.

In 1977 she moved to Scotland, to the Findhorn Foundation, where she worked in the design department, designing and illustrating a whole range of publications. She also ran an art gallery there for several years and gave art workshops regularly.

In 1984 she moved with her Dutch husband to the Netherlands, where she continued teaching courses in art and calligraphy, working in graphic design and calligraphy, exhibiting her art work, writing articles for various magazines, and illustrating books. Her work was used by several of the big design firms in the North of Holland. She also started to decorate period instruments for various harpsichord builders.

In her creativity workshops and trainings she encouraged people with little or no experience in art to think more creatively and express themselves in a variety of media.

In the mid-nineties she started to get more interested in the social side of art and creativity and joined HBG, an organization of artists that developed and executed celebratory art and creativity projects in hospitals, inspired by Patch Adams, the American clown/doctor. She was active for 15 years as a creativity trainer and an art/healthcare worker – an artist who uses her creative skills within a health-care setting to support patients and to help staff develop creative approaches to their work.

She also worked as a creative consultant in a home for people with dementia for several years, which resulted in her first book  100 Ideas for a Creative Approach to Activities in Dementia Care which was selected by the British library association for their recommended reading list, and translated into German and Welsh.

Both her second book, A Generous Spirit: Exploring New Directions for the Arts, and her third book, Pigments of Imagination, were published posthumously in 2020.

Her blog “Art Calling” received many tens of thousands visits. It is still consultable online:

Sadly, Sarah left us in the beginning of 2019.